Sustainable Interior Design: How to Create an Eco-Friendly Home

5 min readApr 26, 2023

Sustainable design practises are gaining immense popularity and are a trendy topic in the interior field. With the changing environmental conditions, concern for the sustainability aspect has further increased. Many people are unaware and consider sustainability a vague concept for interior design. Well, if you are unaware, let us tell you that sustainable interior design is the ideal bridge that may help you choose between stunning aesthetics and environmental responsibility without causing any harm to nature. Here’s a guide on how to incorporate sustainable interior design and make it a source of inspiration for others by incorporating the best home interior designing team in India.

Creating an Eco-Friendly Home

Amp up your space and create an eco-friendly home that helps sustain a healthy and functioning environment at home. Follow the below-mentioned steps to understand how you can add to your home’s beauty by going green.

Choose Energy Efficient Design

Energy consumption is one of the main factors that may contribute to increasing environmental change. No matter how much you shift towards sustainability and incorporate green items, you can’t get away with it with a poor energy efficiency system. Otherwise, your house may emit greenhouse gases, which would be harmful to the environment and could also harm your health since you are living very close to that environment. Keep a check on the initiatives taken by the building and architects to build a more sustainable space.

Choose Eco-Friendly Material

If you want to go green and build a sustainable space, you have to be extremely careful and ensure you follow a sustainable lifestyle. While many people concentrate and focus highly on practises such as installing a solar plant or rainwater harvesting, there are little things that go unnoticed. If you want to build a sustainable lifestyle, start from scratch. For instance, make a list of what decor items and furnishings you will need for your floor coverings, bedroom, or even living space. Look for long-lasting and eco-friendly materials for your furnishings.

You can even take on the best interior designing service and ask the consultants to curate and choose from a range of environmentally friendly materials. Make sure you also invest in quality materials that are durable and will last longer. There is no point in investing in cheaper, less sustainable alternatives that won’t last long. Hunt different markets and stores to get the desired products that you need to create a healthier environment at home. Always seek help from professionals for guidance on material choices.

Purify the Air with Indoor Plants

Indoor plants will not only make your house look charming but are also the most pocket-friendly way to improve the quality of your home. Indoor plants are therapeutic and can help reduce stress levels. Besides this, indoor plants may also boost productivity and change the way you look at work. The freshness of plants will change the whole vibe and environment of your home, giving you the best environment to live and breathe in. Indoor plants will also help you get rid of harmful pollutants, allowing you to breathe in fresh air.

Add a touch of greenery to your home and use the planters as decor pieces instead of investing in heavily designed interior pieces. You should take extra precautions and care and check the leaves every time you water. Make sure that the plants are clean to leverage the benefits of incorporating greenery into your home.

Focus on Waste Reduction

Sustainability is not all about decorating, revamping, or introducing any new elements at your workplace. It also focuses heavily on reducing and managing waste. For instance, you can consider investing in durable products and avoiding single-use products. Make sure you properly dispose of the waste material from the items you use to reduce harm to the environment. Stop discarding products just because of their style and aesthetics. Try to go beyond that point and see how you can reuse it in the best way possible. For instance, if you purchased a bottle for single use, you can DIY it and use it for any other decor.

Even if you are planning to buy more sustainable materials, you should be mindful of what you need and what you don’t. Buying excessively and unnecessarily can make it difficult to manage the waste. Check the raw materials and see how to properly discard them. Choose the interiors according to the space to avoid them looking messy and cluttered. It is one of the reasons why many people often go for the best modular kitchen in India to make their kitchen well-organized and appealing.

The Right Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important aspects that can change the mood and ambience of your home. You should not limit yourself to examining the light fixtures or the sustainable light options, you should even evaluate the location of natural light spaces. See if the direction makes the sun a little dull or allows your home to be completely bright. While you can always turn on the lighting, you should ensure that the house remains well-lit throughout the day. Checking for this factor will also ensure that you are able to save on electricity and get your daily dose of Vitamin D.

Practice Repurposing and Upcycling

Upcycling and repurposing are the best ways to utilise your old stuff. You can upcycle old or waste materials to create more lively and appealing craftwork for your walls. You may also use mason jars as vases or turn the vintage door into a coffee table. Research how you can repurpose your old stuff and add a new life to it with a little DIY transformation.

Practise a Sustainable Lifestyle

As mentioned above, sustainability is not just about replacing or adding new items. It is all about making the right choices in life. For instance, you must consider shopping from purpose-driven brands to further the sustainable design movement at home. Incorporate healthy habits into your daily routine and guide others to do the same. You may reach out to Atlas Kitchen and Interiors to help people celebrate the bliss of their homes. With 22 years of industry experience, Atlas is the faster growing interior brand in South India, helping create remarkable and presentable interior design creatives.